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Has anyone dual-classd Shar-teel into a Thief?


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Well, since nobody answered yet, I'll give you a glimpse of my playing experience with her. :p


I played with Shar-Teel in the party five or six times, and despite her low CON, she was always the one at the frontlines. She is the most powerful fighter in the entire entity of all BG1 NPC, (even Minsc cannot rival her, because she fights with two longswords, and he wields a wretched two-handed and levels up slower), so it seemed to me a real waste to dual-class her.


I see how dual-classing her into a thief may work, though, with no other thieves in the party, but since I do not think it will augment her skills, and also like to play thieves myself, I do not consider it a worthy alternative.


As a role-playing experience, it may be just my view, but I think Shar-Teel would not trade her bloodlust, her enjoyment of the ride, so to say, to petty thieving and lock-picking. Just my opinion, though. :p

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Damn! The forum ate my post with a neat table, but basically Shar-Teel is the *only* other natural dual-class except for Imoen in the game. A number of other characters can be DC'd into Priests, Thieves and Mages with the help of the Tomes. :)

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Xzar to Cleric was one thing that surprised me when I browsed the NPCs for that purpose. How he can be such a loonie with those scores in int and wis eludes me :)


Another interesting one is Skie to mage and Dynaheir to priest. Though anyone with 2 points to add in wisdom, while plausible, are sort of a mute point, since you cannot take them into Bg2 when this conversion would have been useful.

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