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BG kit abilities page (Druid)


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The Druid true class information here: http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/appendices/bg2kitabilities.htm is incomplete, showing only shapeshifting spells. The complete list (as well as when they're gained) is below. Thanks to Sim for this:


Level 7


GA_spcl611 Shapeshifts Brown Bear

GA_spcl612 Shapeshifts Wolf

GA_spcl613 Shapeshifts Black Bear


Level 15


AP_SPCL924 Poison immunity


Level 18


AP_SPCL925 Elemental resistance +10%


Level 21


AP_SPCL926 Elemental resistance +10%


Level 24


AP_SPCL927 Elemental resistance +10%

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