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ToB starting items


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Druids and fighter-druids start ToB with Darkmail (chan09), which they can not wear. This changes it to Ankheg Plate (plat06).


COPY_EXISTING ~25STWEAP.2da~ ~override~
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1  9 50 ~PLAT06~
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1 18 50 ~PLAT06~


I suspect we'll find more if we look harder. :p

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Unless I'm reading it wrong, mine start out with LEAT20 (CHAN09 Paladin, LEAT14 Ranger, and CHAN09 Cleric/Thief, * Fighter/Mage/Cleric). The only issue I ever found here was the 3 occurrences of LEATH14 for the bard kits (should be LEAT14).

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Someone check. Make sure your column headers haven't been WeiDUed (else you'll think that druids and fighter-druids start out with chan09 instead of leat20).


LEATH14 is the only invalid reference (oddly, after fixing this, my PC got the default bag of holding when either importing or transitioning from SoA into ToB; before fixing, I never got any bags).


igi takes up smoking, gets a 'living death' tatoo, starts wearing chains, and dark shades.
Mr. T?
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