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Divine Remix v2 Released


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Version 2 of the Divine Remix has been released. The Divine Remix is a large mod, focused on the divine spellcasting classes (clerics, druids, rangers, and paladins), designed to enhance roleplaying by expanding the options available to players. The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes in Baldur's Gate (via BG1Tutu) and Baldur's Gate II. The mod originally began as Cleric Remix. Six new kits (five ranger, one druid) have been added in version 2, as well as three new spells, and numerous enhancements and bugfixes--both for the mod and Baldur's Gate II itself.


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Changelog for v2:

  • Added fixes from the upcoming BG2 Fixpack:
    • Cavalier's Resist Fear innate no longer fails due to magic resistance
    • The hold immunity of Undead Hunters and Inquisitors now suppresses the hold animation
    • Enrage now suppresses 'X Levels Drained' strings
    • Enrage cooldown now reflects reduced THAC0 in the character record
    • Miscellaneous fixes to Chromatic Orb--bad targets, durations, and magic resistance checks
    • Harper's Call now temporarily drains hit points and stats, per its description
    • Resist Fire/Cold had incorrect duration when cast by level 20 characters and above
    • Animate Dead had incorrect chances to summon one or two creatures when cast at levels 1 or 11
    • Holy Smite was being capped at level 19 instead of 20 for all characters of level 20 and above; fixed miscellaneous targeting and duration errors in its effects
    • Free Action was being capped at level 18 by characters of level 19 and above; was also not protecting against all forms of reduced mobility spells
    • Righteous Magic had incorrect durations on some effects
    • Many spells were able to stack with themselves and should not be able to: Armor of Faith, Righteous Magic, Poison Weapon (Assassin), Hardiness (HLA), Evasion (HLA), Greater Evasion (HLA), Avoid Death (HLA), Protection from the Elements, Doom, Resist Fire/Cold, Protection from Fire, Defensive Harmony, Holy Power, and Righteous Magic
    • Fixed exploit of gaining multiple Holy Symbols by leaving and rejoining party
    • Druids and fighter-druids started Throne of Bhaal equipped with Darkmail, an item they can not wear; this is replaced with Ankheg Plate
    • Blue Dragon Plate is erroneously restricted from druids
    • Fixed potential issue where high-level characters could become trapped at level up if they were out of proficiency points to place

    [*]Added Beast Claw, Divine Shell, and Sunscorch spells

    [*]Touched up spell icons for several spells

    [*]Activated Druid and Ranger kit removing components

    [*]Fixed case on many cleric kit strings for character generation screens

    [*]Added stricter check for Ashes of Embers compatibility

    [*]Fixed stronghold issues with High Mornmaster Arval and Stormherald Nallabir dialogues; both were trying to give quests on the street rather than in their respective temples due to a bad dialogue link when conversing with kitted clerics

    [*]Fixed bug where the Silverstar version of Protection from the Elements could stack with the mage spell of the same name; similar bug fixed for the Greater Malison innate for Authlim

    [*]Fixed bugs with a few Spiritual Weapons which were not providing the advertised Grandmastery bonuses

    [*]Changed Jaheira's starting Throne of Bhaal armor if Druid Remix is installed as it makes her current starting armor illegal

    [*]Druid Remix now updates druid and fighter-druid descriptions to reflect the new armor restrictions

    [*]Six new kits: Oozemaster (druid), Bowslinger (ranger), Feralan (ranger), Forest Runner (ranger), Justifier (ranger), and Wilderness Runner (ranger). The Justifier and Feralan are the same kits included in Unfinished Business

    [*]Added stricter failsafes in the Branwen and Viconia components to try and solve the sporadic WeiDU crashing

    [*]Corrected bug where Barkskin was showing Aid's description

    [*]Fixed potential issue where high-level characters could become trapped at level up if they were out of proficiency points to place

    [*]Fixed bugs with HLA tables for Lorekeepers and Nightcloaks

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