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Kivan of Shilmista and Refinments

Guest Guest_Littiz_*

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Guest Guest_Littiz_*
I was looking for chracters with a) strong healing (not spell-casting power, but character feel) b) non-judgemental and c) warm to Kivan personally.

This line made think about a possibility.

Well, I'm playing through TuTu with a Sword Angel - a kit I developed for Refinements but with personal usage also in mind.

(I'm playing with an impossible slow rate so any such arguing is possible).


Well, I have Kivan in the party, and most likely I will want to play this mod when I finally hit SoA again.

I might be wrong here, but I think the lines above fit perfectly the concept of a Sword Angel, at least as much as I've been able to represent it.

Yet I don't know everything of course (I can't understand right now why you label this possible resurrection as an "evil" choice, for instane), so I just ask.

Would you kindly have a read at SA documentation and decide if it's worth any special treatment? Reading the custom HLAs descriptions would be necessary too, since great part of the kit's feeling ended up there.

Well, if you happen to have spare time for it, you can grab the doc here.

Thanks anyway :)

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Guest Guest_Littiz_*

Hey, that was fast.

Thanx for your kindness :D


The coding part might be a bit tricky, thinking about it...

The check would be a simple:





but it won't compile without the kit installed...

So one should install Kivan after SA.

Another option is global sharing, or something tricky like that, I figure... :)

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Guest Guest_Littiz_*

Ok, you can check for:




to detect the kit's presence.


At this point, the check:




should regularly compile.


Thanx again for your kindness and sorry for the intrusion :)

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I am planning to include it into the next release, yes. Kivan needs to be installed after Refinments, because the code will check for the presence of the mod at installation. You will need to ask the Refinments team if the HLAs are applicable to all characters or only to selected ones, that they had specified in the mos (though my guess will be that it is universal)

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I think it is universal, and probably would work fine with a mod installed after it i.e. yours, provided your mod doesn't affect the ranger HLA tables. I basically want to make sure that Kivan will get the new Refinements HLAs. I'll send Littiz a PM and ask him if he can confirm this.


Oh, and thanks for responding to my PPG thread. I'll probably be asking some more questions in an hour or so; perhaps you could check back there in a bit. :)

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Guest Guest_Littiz_*

All should work just fine, the changes are universal, only exception are custom kits and/or different custum HLA tables.


I haven't used this mod yet, since I'm still in TuTu; I'm not sure if Domi has made Kivan an Archer even in BG2, but in any case he should get the proper "refined" HLA table if Refinements is installed (no matter the order, if you are interested just in this specific issue).

There shouldn't be any need of additional actions from Domi's side :)

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