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New to Baldurs Gate II mods


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i Need some help i started installing mods for baldurs gate II. I was not sure were to post this, but since most of the mods came from this site what the heck. Anyway, these are the mods that i have


Allison One Day NPC

G3 Anniversary

G3 Tweaks

Keto NPC

Kitanya NPC

Kivan NPC


Song and Silence

SP Collection

Unfinished Business

Now my question is there a certain order these mods should be installed. I ask this because when installing errors show up for G3 tweaks and Kitanya NPC. Any help would be great :)

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G3 Tweaks is quite insistent about being last. I'd suggest putting Oversight, SP Collection, and Unfinished near the end as well, but it's not as critical I think. Otherwise, I think those should play nicely with one another.


If you do have errors with Tweaks, I'd love to get a copy of the DEBUG file so we can work it out. :)

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