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Should Aerie be kitted?

Grim Squeaker

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No, I'm not thinking like that at all.  I'm saying there's a difference between a cleric who is given his spells by a god and a cleric who has decided to devote their entire life into the service of that god, in their temple, taking vows, teaching acolytes etc.  Aerie is a cleric of Baevan i.e. thats where she gets her clerical powers from but she isn't any kind of religious authority figure.  She's just a cleric that worships that god and is granted spells.  Its an enormous difference to me.

Again, if she wasn't any form of religious authority figure she wouldn't be a cleric at all. I understand your perspective. There was nothing unclear about "the difference between being a Christian (Cleric) and being a Minister (specialty priest)"; it's just that the correct division would be "the difference between being a Christian (J. Random Dwarf who shouts about Moradin's hammer) and being a Minister (cleric, including Aerie)."


Viconia talks very little about her past, really. I'd say the absence of evidence that she actually met other priests of Shar at some point is a long way from being evidence of absence. Regardless, if her deity came to her and personally made her a cleric that means a more, not less, meaningful connection to the religion (she's not merely equivalent to a RL priest, she's Joan of Arc. :)).

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There a lot of kits and even entire classes in the unmodded game which technically Charname should not be able to qualify for


Then there is no real reason why Aerie or any other Multiclass character with vividly manifistated preference of a god could not be a specialty priest. Obviously, BG world have different rules from the FR world.

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Well, to be honest, none of the characters qualifies to be a speciality priest then, including Charname. He might just spend a bit of time in the Stronghold, but other than that he is not much of a missionary or a cruisader for his god. :)


I disagree. In the same way Charname could be a paladin (a member of the order) he could be part of his faith's temple. Similarly, Viconia may well have been a cleric in the temple of Shar before she left the Underdark.

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