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So I installed Divine Remix earlier. Upon finding that it was displaying different dialog strings when I tried to create a new character, I uninstalled everything and did a clean install, changing the order of my installed mods. DR installed properly and everything.


But now, when I go to create a character with one of the new kits, the class choosing screen displays Bioware's kits (Talos/Lathander/Helm configured properly), and blank spaces where the new kits should be. If anyone can figure out my problem, I'd be grateful. My game's patched and Baldurdashed.


Also, the uninstaller won't uninstall Feralan and Justifier. Skips over both of them and claims that Unfinished Business already installed them (and I don't have Unfinished Business on my comp, let alone have it installed).

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Are you sure your dialog.tlk isn't read only?  Or, alternatively are you using a multi-install and haven't changed the root directory?


Just checked dialog.tlk (it's not read-only), and I have only 1 installation on my comp.


EDIT: The thing needed a complete and total uninstall/reinstall of BG2, but the kits display properly now. :)

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