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It's pretty standard to have first line or two voiced, but what if in a long dialogue there is something really significant said later on? Would it sound odd if after a silence there was voiced lines again?


For example:


X: Hey, you have dirt on your face! (voiced)


Y: No I don't! Where?


X: Right there!


Y: Here?


X: No, bit to the left.


Y: You mean here?


X: No, I meant *your* left!


Y: Oh, now I get it! Thank you, X.


X: It's all right. I love you, after all. (voiced)



Just seeking an opinion here... :party: (Voicing everything is just a bit too much.)



EDIT: Added commas. :)

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I've seen it done in crucial Kelsey dialogues: Voiced line - silence- silence-silence - voiced. ("I--what am I talking about? I love you, <CHARNAME>! I love you, and for some reason that makes everything else make so much sense.") And also voiced-voiced- silence-silence- voiced-silence in the nookie dialogue. Personally, it made sense to me, so, if you are talking about lovetalks, especially important lovetalks, I would say: "Thumbs up! Go ahead."


However, in flirts I felt uncomfortable when many lines were voiced, since

1) I did not feel that flirts were that important;

2) Flirt Pack is not voiced, so it feels slightly out of context to me;

3) While "Mmmmmph!" or something else original sounds nice, "I love you" voiced and repeated again and again is a bit jarring.



(You will place the comma before X and before "after all", will you? )

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