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Lycanthropic gods


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Note, these don't represent Selune or Malar which tend to have a wider range of control over deities, but these do exist in the Forgotten Realms...


Balador (Lesser God)


Balador is a protector-god, watchful over forests and woodlands, rather seclusive and shy but encouraging his followers to share their community and living space by good relationships with rangers, druids, and sylvan creatures.  The god himself roams the Beastlands, taking his food from the rivers and lakes and sometimes persuading other deities to brew the honeyed mead he enjoys so much.  Balador is not smart, nor is he swift, but he is wise, tolerant, and patient, and he is powerful when roused to anger.  His only enemies are the deities of evil lycanthropes.


Roleplaying Notes:

Balador's avatars may wander Prime Material deep forest hunting and playing with other werebears, especially the very young.  Meetings with Father Bear are the subject of many werebear tales.  He often sends avatars to oppose those of the evil lycanthropic deities.



Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Worshippers' Alignment:  Chaotic Good (werebears)

Area of Control:  Werebears, protection, fraternity

Symbol:  Pitcher of Mead


(I'm not going to include avatar stats since there already is a plethora of avatars of deities that make an appearance)




Ferrix (Lesser Goddess)


Ferrix is the insatiably curious goddess of weretigresses.  She enjoys knowledge for its own sake and has accumulated a great store of knowledge, but unlike her brother (and mate Balador) she is not wise and does not separate worthwhile and trivial knowledge effectively.  Despite her alignment she too roams the Beastlands, hunting and prowling (and demanding adoration from other beings as so many felines do.)  She is vain and often playful, but she can be cruel with prey and spiteful and vicious if teased or mocked.


Role-playing Notes:

Ferrix' avatars are common visitors to the Prime Material for a variety of purposes.  She may simply come to play with other weretigresses, or sometimes to mate with a male weretiger.  She may come out of curiosity regarding almost anything from a hidden magical secret to an old temple ruin, or just to view some unusual geological formation or a magical tree buried in a deep forest.  Ferrix' avatars are curious above all and will rarely offer hostility to those they encounter.  But she has a habit of stalking creatures as if they were prey to see what their reactions are, which can lead to misunderstanding and conflict if the creature stalked are over-fearful or aggressive.  Flattery goes a long way with the avatar, as does the gift of a beautiful gem (appearance matters more than value).



Alignment:  Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment:  Neutral (weretigresses)

Area of Control:  Play, curiosity, hunting

Symbol:  Green cat's eyes.




Daragor (Lesser God)


Daragor is the bestial god of evil lycanthropes--werewolves and seawolves being his preferred creatures.  This hateful god wanders the Lower Outer Planes, picking off whatever prey he can.  He has enmity for all other deities of lycanthropes, and virtually everything else he comes across.  Daragor is simply savage, bloodlusting, and elementally vicious.


Roleplaying Notes:

Daragor's avatars will roam the Prime Material when they can, hunting any prey he can feast upon.  He enjoys disabling prey by attacking limbs to prevent movement and escape, and then rending his prey alive.  The avatar stalks werebears for sport, but while he does not fear Balador he has a healthy respect for that god's strength and will flee if opposed by an avatar of the werebear god.  Also, Daragor's avatar will stalk paladins and priests of lawful good and/or sylvan deities.  He seeks imply to kill them and consume their flesh, which has a stimulating effect upon them.



Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

Worshipper's Alignment:  Chaotic Evil (werewolves, seawolves)

Area of Control:  Marauding beasts, bloodlusts, pain

Symbol:  Werewolf's head




Eshebala (Lesser Goddess)


Eshebala is the wily and supremely vain goddess of foxwomen, although she also favors wolfweres because of their hatred of werewolves.  A denizen of the Abyss, she loathes and detests tanar'ri and other infernal inhabitants of other Abyssal planes because of their ugliness, stupidity, brutish nature, or any combination thereof.  She has a collection of fine gems, jewelry, furs, skins, objets d'art, and the like, which are actually rather vulgar and flashy.  She dwells alone and has no allies.  She regards her brother, Daragor as an oaf, although she does not actually hate him; her primary object of loathing is Ferrix.  Two vain goddesses who preen and strut do not tend to get alone well.


Roleplaying Notes:

Eshebala's avatars visit the Prime Material for hunting and sport when she grows bored and jaded.  She prefers to overcome victims through subtlety, not direct force.  She especially enjoys capturing handsome males through illusions and charm, immobilizing her victim and then dispelling the charm before she kills and then eats the unfortunate, carving off flesh with a silver dagger.  She sometimes visits females whom she has infected with lycanthropy for a gossip session, and demands to be the center of flattery and attention during such visits.



Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

Worshippers' Alignment:  Chaotic Evil (foxwomen)

Area of Control:  Vanity, charm, greed, cunning

Symbol:  Vixen

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