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Forgotten Realms geography

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I’m considering creating an NPC mod and would like to fill in the back-story of the character. I am not familiar with FR geography so I need a little advice. The character would be a half-elf Thief that was originally from a small village on the outskirts of a larger city, about 3-4 days travel by foot. Similar to the way Umar Hills is to Trademeet however the city should be slightly larger than Trademeet but smaller that Athkatla. The area would primarily be farmland worked by peasants but the land itself would be owned by a Baron. I’ve found some maps of Faerûn online but wasn’t sure if there was an area that matched.


I have another question regarding the life-span of a half-elf. If I remember correctly from my days playing D&D it was a few hundred years. That was a long time ago however so I wanted some confirmation on the correctness of my memory.





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The half-elf rogue attains adulthood at 21-26 years. Middle age is considered 62 years, while old is 93 years. A venerable (really, really old) half-elf is 128-145 years old. As for an area, Purskul is a granary city not too far southeast from Athkatla. However, the in-game map is a little, well, convoluted, so you could place it anywhere you like. :)

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Thanks for your input. Have things really changed that much since I've played D&D or is FR just different? That seems almost human, I seem to recall the normal lifespan of an elf being 600+ yrs and half-elves being about 1/3 or of that. Then again maybe my memory has just failed in the almost 20 years since I've played. Wow! I can't believe it's really been that long. :)


You really think it doesn't matter much with regard to the area then? I asked because most people on the different forums seem to know what happened when and where. I didn't want to blindly pull a name from a map and have folks say "But only (insert race other than half-elf) live there", know what I mean? I just wanted it to at least be feasible the character could be from that area and have traveled to Athkatla.


Anyway, thanks for the information I appreciate you taking the time to respond.



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Yeah, Purskul has a 15% half-orc population. However, half-elves are rather nomadic with a few exceptions. As for the ages, those are what I pulled from the Players' Handbook, 3rd Edition. And yes, elves still live 600+ years.


As for the area, you can put it approximately southeast of Athkatla and you should be fine for the purists.

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Would a duke or a count rather a baron be okay? If so, the country of Tethyr seems a likely place to find a village that fits your needs. Looking through the Lands of Intrigue sourcebook (which you can download here), a few places fit your description fairly well:


Mosstone (Town)


Were it not for the high walls around the settlement, the surrounding trees, and the limited amounts of dappled sunlight shining through the trees, Mosstone could appear to be a caravan town like Crimmor to the north. However, while caravans and the Trade Way provide many in Mosstone with a livelihood, the people place more importance on living in harmony with nature and the elves than they do on making money or getting a caravan through "on time." Impatient caravan merchants see this as lackadaisical, but they soon realize that hurrying up the Trade Way through the forest is not the way to arrive safely in Amn; many caravans are harried back to Mosstone by the threat of the elves, when they stopped at the wrong spot or made the mistake of lighting fires within Tethir.


Population: 2,500 (70% human, 14% halfling, 10% half-elf, 3% half-orc, 3% other); during the summer caravan season, the population rises as high as 6,000 for short periods of time.


Major Products: Mercenaries, caravan guards, forest guides and trackers, animal handlers; caravan and wagon masters, caravan wagons, saddles, and all attendant caravan businesses.


The Duke of Cape Velen: Duke Llachior Blackthorn (CG hm F13); Lord Royal Durbland, The burly and boisterous Velean merchant, whose family misfortunes left him the last of his line, is now a prominent figure at court. His bravery in battle with the Reclamation Army cost him two fingers off his left hand, and he now walks with a stiff limp from a horrific gash along his right leg, suffered in a desperate saber fight with Prince Jhannivvar the Pretender in the Storm Siege of Myratma. Still, the duke found love among the heroes of the Reclamation, and returned to his native Velen both a duke and a married man.


The Count of Greenshores: Count Jordy Gallum (NG hm F9); Sheriffs' Chancellor. The popular Count Jordy Gallum is the epitome of a Greenshores man. Born and raised in Mosstone, he loves nature and, while peaceful and contemplative, can be aggressive if his people are threatened. He rallied Mosstone to Zaranda’s banner, despite the usual misgivings the people had on following the lead of an outsider.



Brost (Town)


The Mushroom Village, as many to the south call it, is a small trading village with its major trade in mushrooms and tending caravans on the Tethir Road. While most older natives enjoy the idyllic peace and their alliance with the elves of Wealdath, the young are leaving Brost in droves and heading south to the cities. Outsiders see Brost as pleasant and friendly.


Population: 3,000 (85% human, 10% halfling, 5% half-elf), and an equal amount of people in the outlying areas; can reach up to 7,000 at limited times during the caravan season.


Major Products: Mushrooms, peaches, wagons, saddles, local ale and cider.


Places of Note: Druids, rangers, scouts, wheelwrights, and brewers all share equal status here in Brost, but the largest buildings are the temples to Mielikki and Silvanus Oakfather.


The Duke of Noromath: Duke Allain Kevanarial (NG em R12); Bowlord of Her Majesty's Bowmen. Known to friends as Foxfire, after his russet hair, this 201-year-old elf lord is undoubtedly the finest archer among the elves of Wealdath. He is a third-generation Elmanesse who fled the destruction at Myth Drannor's fall to resettle here. His title of "duke" is meaningless to him, but he shoulders the responsibility of being one-third of the elven contingent at court admirably and calmly, often providing the voice of reason and compromise to mitigate the Treespeaker’s stubbornness. This is a surprise to the humans, who hear of Foxfire as a war leader.



Vineshade (Town)


The largest settlement among the Purple Hills, Vineshade is the vintner's capital of Tethyr (and, most agree, the Sword Coast).


Population: 3,200 persons (85% halfling, 10% half-elf, 5% human) with little fluctuation during the trade seasons.


Major Products: Wine, beer, cider; pipeweed, nuts, wood carvings and toys.


The Duchess of the Purple Marches: Duchess Marilyn Haresdown (NG hf F13); Lady High Ambassador. Ever since she abandoned the burning walls of Castle Tethyr, the Lady Marilyn sought to bring Tethyr back from the chaos and see it reunified under a new dynasty. Now, the blonde duchess is part of the new order as its primary foreign representative. She uses her contacts and friends whom she made during her years of adventuring to gain friends among city and country rulers to ensure that Tethyr becomes a viable ally and integral part of the Lords' Alliance. Her passion for her homeland and her energy and drive to make alliances work have many among the foreign courts strive for her hand, all of which she has deftly and diplomatically declined.


The Count of Vintor: Count Krimmon Amethystall (LE halfm F5/T5); Fleet Chancellor. This gruff, short-tempered halfling almost seems more dwarflike in his greed, his manners, and his diligence to his work. While he has little love for the sea, his location along the Purple Cliffs, his proximity to the Royal Admiral in the adjoining county, and his knack for handling and moving massive amounts of money and goods make him ideal for his role in ruling Vintor and managing the treasury for Tethyr's navy. Still, as long as he doesn’t break his word as given, he is a rather ruthless financier and ruler.

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Thanks for your input.  Have things really changed that much since I've played D&D or is FR just different?  That seems almost human, I seem to recall the normal lifespan of an elf being 600+ yrs and half-elves being about 1/3 or of that.  Then again maybe my memory has just failed in the almost 20 years since I've played.  Wow!  I can't believe it's really been that long. :) 



Your memory is good, just outdated. 1st ed. did have those 1/2 elves reaching the 300yr mark or so before being venerable. *sigh* Damn I miss that game.

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Your memory is good, just outdated. 1st ed. did have those 1/2 elves reaching the 300yr mark or so before being venerable. *sigh* Damn I miss that game.




Well that would explain the difference of current lifespans from what I remembered. While doing some further research today I ran across a website that gave elves a lifespan over 1000 years and half-elves a lifespan of just over 300. That was much more in line with what I remembered....but it giving the 2nd Edition ruleset information. I initially used 600+ for an elven lifespan because although a 1000 year lifespan sounded familiar it just seemed a bit much. Yeah I miss the old game myself, it just seemed simpler. CRPG's have replaced the PnP games for me because RL prevents the all-night and the weekend marathon gaming sessions. Even if I had the time I don't think I'd enjoy the new rules though. It seems in the attempt to make the ruleset more "realistic" they took the fun out of it. Anyway thanks for confirming Alzheimers hasn't quite set in yet. :)

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