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Trouble with installing SPCollection

Guest Jerry

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I downloaded the SPCollection kit, and I love the idea of the new classes. But when I try to install, it tells me that Weidu has finished updating itself, and that I should run the .exe again. Then when I run it again, it gives me the same message. As far as I know, I have never installed Weidu, and have no idea where to get it. Is this the problem?


Also, related, can I add these new kits to in game NPCs with Shadowkeeper, or some other program?



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When it says it should be run again, it means the setup-SPStuff.exe program in your BG2 folder, not the SPCollection-v6.exe file you downloaded. I know it's a bit confusing--we have a workaround for newer mod packages, but not for older ones such as SPC.


For adding kits to existing NPCs, IIRC Shadowkeeper can't assign mod kits to NPCs. You'd need to look into a more advanced editor such as DLTCEP or Near Infinity.

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