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NPC banter


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Does the NPC Banter Pack increase the frequency with which NPCS speak the seldom heard lines that (as far as I know) only occur when you click on the NPC many times in a row? It would be nice to play through the game and hear those offbeat lines, say, 5-10% of the time.

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Hmm, maybe so. I'm talking about playing BG1 Tutu, using BG2's game engine to play BG1. And then using BG1's NPCs, with their soundfiles.


I'm talking about stuff like Xzar saying "Those the gods first wish to destroy they make mad. Maaad! Maaaaad! Mwhaha". I have used Xzar in many games, and I have never once heard him utter this line. I only know of it because I have his entire soundfile available to use for a PC.


Or Kivan saying "oh, my soul aches for my lost Daeheriana." Again I have used the character countless times and never once heard him speak that line.


Branwen saying "Tempus wil guide your wayward soul if you let him."


Minsc saying "When the going gets tough, someone hold onto my rodent."


You get the idea. I've played the game dozens of times and I have never heard the characters ever say them. Not once.


Some of the lines are in relation to other specific NPCs, I realize that. But the ones that aren't dependent on anyone else in particular, I would like to hear the NPCs speak those lines every so often. It would add much more color to the game, and give the charactrers more personality.

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The soundsets for NPCs between BG1 and BG2 are different.


In BG1, you had, say, 4 "selected" sounds, and 4 "easter egg" sounds. I call them easter eggs because they didn't play unless you clicked that NPC exclusively for about four cycles of his regular "selected" sounds.


In BG2, an NPC has "selected" sounds, and two "rare" ones. These, however, play at random, they're just rare. You could click once, move around a bit, equip an item, select another NPC, then come back to your first NPC and they might spout a "rare" line.


In BGTutu, you are given the option of keeping two of the four "easter egg", because that's all the room that exists in a BG2 .cre file for "rare sounds". The Xzar sound you're not hearing is just one of the ones we had to cut.


All that said, I'll add my personal preference on the subject, with an example. In the Chloe NPC mod, the developer has her do some BG1-esque "easter egg" lines--jokes, basically--thinking they would behave as the rare sounds in BG1 did. Except they don't, so you have these silly lines interrupting your game every so often, which I find irritating. All NPC mod authors, don't do this! Or if you do, be aware of what you're doing, and offer the option to not have rare joke selected sounds.

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I've only played two Tutu games, both unfinished. But I gotta say, in all the countless times I have played vanilla BG1, most of the time NPCs didn't say much of anything. I'd just like to hear them speak some lines every now and then, spontaneously, on their own. And some of those easter egg lines would be fun to include if there is a way to increase the frequency with which they do that. My two coppers.

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I played well into chapter 5 (exploring the BG city) in a Tutu game where I had the NPC Banter Pack installed, using an all 'little people' party of Kagain, Yeslick, Qualye, Tiax, and Monty -> Alora. So at least for those characters I've experienced some of the written dialogue banters in that mod.


But I'm talking about just getting to hear them speak the voice acted sound file lines with some frequency. I mean some of these lines I have never once heard them spoken, and I've played the game dozens of times. Maybe just hearing any one of a good selection of half a dozen choice lines fire randomly once an hour (real time). Something like that.


Those voice acted lines are very entertaining. Just recommending this as a mod concept (or added as feature within an existing mod or mods) for whomever may have both the skills and interest to realize it.

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I mean some of these lines I have never once heard them spoken, and I've played the game dozens of times.


As I said before, the last two lines from each BG1 NPC don't even exist in Tutu, because there's no room for them in the .cre file. That's why you never hear them.


Unless you're talking about something entirely different, like the lines the NPCs say to each other every now and then if you let them stand idle for a while. Eldoth in sulting Shar-teel, Alora complimenting Edwin, etc.

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Lol, I'm saying I never even hear them in plain old vanilla BG. But I know they are there because I've downloaded the various complete NPC soundfiles over the years, which may be used for PCs, and hear them that way. See what I'm saying?


I gave some examples above. Another would be Quayle's line: "I wile away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain."


Or Yeslick saying: ""My father was a miner, and my mother, a miner before him."


I have no idea what the flags for these lines to fire are, but I have never once heard the NPC speak them.


On the other hand I have heard certain NPCs spontaneously say certain lines from time to time. Although I suspect the triggers for this may be that another particular NPC is in the party.


Well anways thanks for answering. I understand what you're saying about the BG2 engine not having enough slots. Got it now.

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