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Convert Game Sounds to Wav for edit?


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Hi friends,


I knew this at one time... :)


I have pulled a bunch of needed sound files out using NI... But I need a way to convert them so I can listen/edit. I have tried AMC2Wav but... It opens in a black DOS box and closes in an instant - literally before a key can be pressed.


Ditto for Vobris tools.


Infinty Sound Converter? - Error code 13 MISMATCH :p


Audacity? - Cannot open file


32 ( ! ) "File conversion/decompression programs from download.com? Don't do a thing...


Look, I AM sorry to ask, and I knew all this once. Can someone explain to me how to hook in ISC properly or give me a hint on how to open the black DOS boxes?


At one time I had - whatnot, a program called SMARTWAVC - on my comp and it converted it, and ISC worked and in the end I could edit with windows media recorder. Now I cannot remember how.


Compressed waveform sound??? Okay, now to UNcompress it and get it so it can be played/edited. :)


(On a BRIGHTER note, I am now getting REALLY good at Areas!!! )


Minotaur - with apologies - needing info/link


NEVER Underestimate OCTOBER - Just because she's lost doesn't mean she's no good! (NPC in the works Plug!)


Feel the authority of my horns

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If you put ACM2WAV in the same directory as NI, it should automatically convert the files when you export them. Failing that, run ACM2WAV through Command Prompt; this should be located in Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. Type HELP and press <ENTER> if you don't know any DOS commands :p.


EDIT: oops, didn't read through your post properly. ACM is actually a different filetype than WAVC, so ACM2WAV isn't going to work on WAVC format files. The last "official" release of Near Infinity can't convert WAVC files, but the beta version can - select the file you want to convert, and click the "Export & Convert" button.

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