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Who gets which stronghold?


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Don't read this if you want to be surprised in-game...









































Nearly all characters can receive any of the class strongholds they qualify for by class. There are fourfive exceptions.


Nalia will not hand the de'Arnise Keep over to Korgan, or to Anomen if he has attacked another party member. Imoen will not work for the Cowled Wizards (she can receive the Thieves' Guild Stronghold, but not the Planar Sphere Stronghold). Viconia cannot join the Temple of Talos; as anyone who's played through the Temple of Talos stronghold knows, Talos, unlike Lathander, is a jealous god who demands absolute devotion, and, as anyone who's played through the Viconia romance knows, Shar's punishment for any lack of loyalty on Viconia's part would be quite lethal. Yoshimo, also, will not receive the Thieves' Guild stronghold.


However, this doesn't mean those characters will not have any stronghold-related byplay, and I encourage everyone to play through the Unseeing Eye quest with Viconia and through the Planar Sphere quest with Imoen at least once. (Just remember, if you want to give someone in your party a cleric stronghold, don't work for the Temple of Talos unless your PC qualifies for that stronghold.)

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So, will Aerie be able to get the Lathander Cleric Stronghold?


And how will Imoen be able to take Mae Var's guild if the Mae Var quests are done before she is saved from Spellhold?

She won't. In order to have an NPC get a stronghold, you'll need to have that NPC in your party when you do the stronghold quests. Imoen can get the Thieves' Guild Stronghold, but only if you side with the Shadow Thieves to get to Spellhold, and do Renal's quest in Chapter Six, with Imoen in the party.

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not sure if this has been answered all ready but'

1. how will multiclasses NPCs work?, do you decide which stronghold they get or do they get both?

2. and what about NPCs with similar classes? do you decide which NPC gets the stronghold?

-seeing as Imoen will most likely get the theif stronghold does that mean Jan cannot, so he must get the mage one if any, but where will that leave edwin if he is in your party as well,

-same with Minsc and Valygar, both rangers,

-or jaheira and Cernd, both druids (that is assuming jaheira isnt applicable for the fighter stronghold)


i may be just babbling incoheritely but hopefully someone here will understand where i am coming from

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It just occurred to me that I should clarify that you can only solve the Unseeing Eye problem for one temple, and only that temple will let one of you join. So if you're a Chaotic Evil cleric with Aerie and Anomen in your party (the roleplaying dubiousness of this aside), you can work for the Temple of Talos, or Helm, or Lathander, but only one of you will join one of those temples.

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isnt it if you are a cleric and you are Neutral you work for Helm, good lathander, evil Talos,


but if your a non cleric you work for Helm? or does it still go by your alignment?

i forget, i had a chaotic good fighter being aproached by Helm, but lathander is the good God.

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