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New ideas by Yarpen


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Hello. My name's Yarpen. Yeah, it's me again. I've created a translation for you mod, and now i have some ideas for that mod. Let's begin.


New sphere - Demonic/Celestial

Tweaks for old kits

New kits for Paladin

Ranger changes


New sphere - Demonic/Celestial and new spells


Summon Imp (3 level) - it's summon an Imp (Mephit) for 3 rounds +1 round per level. No one now which Imp. Fire, Ice..


Demon Summons - like a mage spells. Why clerics can't play with demons? Of course not all clerics! Only chaotic or baad... (Talos, Tempus, Iyachtu Xwim). At 5 lvl. 6 lvl. and 7 lvl. - gate.


And opposition - celestial summons. I don't know a names. Something like a weak Deva? Yeah..


All right. next. Tweak for old kits.



FOREST RUNNERS: Wherever a corrupt or oppressive regime holds power, there's bound to be a Forest Runner. Forest Runners rise in opposition to such regimes, living on the fringes of society, usually one step ahead of the law. They're criminals only in a technical sense, as they adhere to a personal code that compels them to wage war against greedy aristocrats and unjust rulers. While the powers-that-be view the Forest Runner as a lawless troublemaker, commoners see him as hero, perhaps their best hope against a tyrannical government.


Forest Runners cannot be Lawful Good.



- +10% to stealth

- Can achieve mastery with long bows, quarterstaffs, spears, axes, clubs and daggers

- Can set snares (starts at 20% and improves by 5% per level)

- May use the 'Inspire' ability once a day per six levels (starting at 1st level). This unique ability boosts the morale and attack rolls (+2 to hit, and damage, +2 to save vs. fear, "immunity" for berserk and barbarian rage) of the Forest Runner's companions for 4 rounds.



- May not wear any metallic armor

- Can only be proficient with bastard swords, long swords, short swords, flails, two-handed swords, warhammers, and crossbows

- Maximum Charisma is 2 points lower than a standard member of the race


JUSTIFIER: Some expeditions are so demanding and some foes so dangerous that they require the attention of a highly trained specialist whose combat skills far exceed those of the typical ranger. Enter the Justifier, a master tactician whose military instincts, fighting versatility, and steely nerves places him in the first rank of elite warriors.


For a determined Justifier no job is too difficult, no enemy too formidable. Their proficiency with weapons gives them an edge in combat, though the smaller time devoted to magical training leaves them slightly lacking in that department.


Justifiers must be Lawful Good.



- +10% to stealth

- +1 to hit and +1 to speed factor for every 10 levels of experience

- Can achieve mastery in any weapon, which he can use

- At 12 level he gain immunity to fear and morale fail




- Does not gain 'Charm Animal' as an innate ability

- Spell casting ability limited to:

'Cure Light Wounds' and 'Armour of Faith' once each per day from level 8

'Luck' and 'Remove Fear' once each per day from level 10

'Draw Upon Holy Might' once per day from level 12


OOZEMASTER DRUID: Seeping out of every crack and crevice in the dungeon is some foul, monochromatic substance that adventurers wish wasn't there. Just when they get around the yellow mold, green slime drips from the ceiling. Quite often, such abominations well up naturally, but occasionally they are placed by a more deliberate hand-that of the oozemaster.


The oozemaster is not a class for stable individuals. It involves relating one-on-one with things that relate to nothing at all. Unlike the kindred creatures of most druids, the oozemaster's charges have nothing to say. No one has yet developed a Speak with Ooze spell--or if someone has, the oozes haven't responded. Given that oozemasters exude everything but confidence, most of them have few sentient friends and even fewer guests. Thus, they tend to gibber and talk to themselves a lot.


There are, however, substantial rewards to pursuing the path of the oozemaster. As their powers develop they find themselves taking on many of the characteristics of their favored creatures, although they become increasingly alien of mindset and find it harder to relate to others. By this point, though, they tend not to see this as much of a disadvantage.



- May use a Paralytic Touch attack once per day per 5 levels.

This spell functions in the same manner to the second level mage spell Ghoul Touch

- From level 5, the oozemaster's alien metabolism makes them immune to poison

- From level 7, may shapeshift to the form of a mustard jelly. This ability is useable 3 times per day

- From level 9, oozemasters become immune to acid

- From level 11, the oozemaster's alien metabolism renders them immune to disease

- From level 14, can cast Summon Ooze, which summon 1 ooze per 4 levels of Oozemaster

- From level 15, oozemasters become immune to blindness, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits, missle and crushing damages as they become one with the ooze and lack a discernable internal anatomy



- No access to spells from the spheres of animal or plant

- Do not gain other standard druidic special abilities (such as shapeshifting into wolves or bears, or the elemental resistance gained at high levels)

- Suffers a -1 penalty to Charisma at levels 1, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 15 as they become increasingly separated from a humanoid mindset and their features continue to distort



Cleric of Selune. Why he can't summon a astral bow? Mace is so stupid. And Morninglord has one. Bow is so good idea. Without arrows. What do you think about that idea?


Cleric of Sune.



- Spiritual Weapon: Flail - 'Shock Flail' once per day

The Shock Flail is the spiritual weapon of Heartwarders of Sune, and is wielded as if the caster had grand mastery in the weapon. The Shock Flail is a regular weapon at levels 1-5, +1 at levels 6-10, +2 at 11-15, +3 at 16-20, +4 at 21-25, and +5 at levels 26 and above. The spiritual weapon lasts for one round per level of the caster, up to 20 rounds.

- +1 Charisma

- From level 7 can cast Emotion once per day, as fourth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 9 can cast Domination once per day, as fifth level cleric spell of the same name

- From level 11 can cast Mirror (spell which rebound missles) once per day, as sixth level cleric spell of the same name

- From level 14 can cast Nature Beauty once per day, as seventh level cleric spell of the same name


Sphere Access:

- Major access to the spheres of all, astral, charm, creation, divination, guardian, healing, protection, sun, thought, time

- Minor access to the spheres of combat, elemental, necromantic, summoning

- No access to the spheres of animal, chaos, law, numbers, plant, travelers, war, wards, weather


And the last. Please create new HLa like Refirnments! Warrior HLA for cleric? Thief? No way!


All right. I've send rest later.

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Well, as for new spheres, its unlikely as we are taking our spheres basically from pnp. So in theory there shouldn't be any gaps.


Where you don't state could you highlight the changes you are suggesting to the current kits?


For the Cleric of Selune we chose mace as that's supposedly their chosen weapon. We didn't just make it up.


As for HLAs, we're not sure what to do with them (mainly as basically all of us dislike HLAs in the first place :p)

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Currently we add some HLAs from the other pools because sphere restrictions tend to shrink down the available choices. Some of the kits have a unique one - it is something we are going to add.


In addition, I am not in favour of adding new spheres (though we could add new spells to the Summoning spheres or whatever; I don't have many sourcebooks but NiGHTMARE might know better about Outsider summoning spells).


New Paladin kits would be good, but a problem I personally have is making them sufficiently individual - the ingame kits already deal with the archetypal Paladins pretty well.

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For the Cleric of Selune we chose mace as that's supposedly their chosen weapon. We didn't just make it up.


I stole a little time with the Faiths and Pantheons sourcebook yesterday, so I can say with certainty that it's a mace. (Heavy mace, actually, but there's not much difference in BG2)

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