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Hello! My name's Yarpen and I've started a translation of Kivan into Polish language. Happy?


It's very good mod! Please work on it more! One of better ideas of mods!


(Hmm... I can't speak good in English. I prefer translate English-PL)

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Thank you for your enthusiasm. But I am always worried about the translations before the texts are all completed. If you'd like to wait for three months or so, I think I will have a finalized SoA by then, that could be TRA'ified and then the translation will be easy.


And yes, the fact that Ванечка is the most likely petname makes the romantic aura fade somewhat. I will have to insist on Ив... Nice and French, that. Or I can be very strict about the stress on the first syllable :p

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Hey speaking of translation i know i have a program on my comp that makes automatic translations to pretty much any Language. im not sure how well it translates since i never used it, but its worth a  shot.

No it's not. such programs can sometimes help you grasp general meaning of a text, but that's all, they make terrible, terrible mistakes. But if you want to have a good laugh take an English text, translate it into let's say Japanesee then back into English and read it.

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