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Area bitmaps


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How good are you at 3D art? Pretty much the only way to get a really good unique area would be to make one from scratch in something like 3DSMax.


Alternatively the other option (and the one I use mostly) is to imagine the area you want and then go find something similar in a game area/areas already. You can then use a program such as Photoshop to "build" your own area using parts of the existing areas. If you are handy enough with Photoshop or any other painting program you can generally produce decent enough new areas. You can amalgamate several area's or parts of areas or just certain buildings/walls/barrells/wagons etc.


When Blackwyrm is back up in a few days I can show you some of the area's I have completed in this fashion. If anyone else has something they can direct you towards I'm sure they'll reply here!

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