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How To make a Custom portrait


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Here to pick the collective brains of everyone..Hope you all do not mind,Am always trying to learn something new...Now I have heard it is possible to turn a photo into a custom portrait,I think I heard you use photoshop I beleave it was said.I havent got that But May I ask is there a way to get a shareware/free trial copy,and once done ..um How would I go about making the portrait if I may ask.Thankyou for your time...

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Custom portraits are very easy.... All you have to do is to save your custom pic as a BMP. Small portraits (for dialogue and the sidebar) have to be 38x60 pixels, Large Portraits (for the Character record) have to be 110x170 pixels, and the very large portraits (for NPCs in the BG2 Epilogue) have to be 210 x 330.


For your own character, just drop these in the Portraits directory of your game and assign them using the customize button on your character record, or at character creation.




Oh, and while I think of it, Photoshop isn't strictly necessary for doing this, but there are some free picture editing programs around... paintshop and stuff like that, that may be free or have trial downloads. I can't think of any off hand, but you may find some info on them ni the Tutorial section.

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