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CRE. making with DLTCEP


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Before I screw it up again...


Trying to make CRE.'s with DLTCEP and just wondering about the "Long Name" "Short Name" and related strings for them, thing.


Is this the Name of the CHARACTER? And do the strings do Anything?


Had a scrren shot but no way to post, so...



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This is the name of the character, yes. The name appears when you talk to the character, when the character takes damage etc. There is a difference between the "long" and "short" names but it is not used in the Baldur's Gate games. IIRC they work like the "unidentified" and "identified" names of items one taking over once you have spoken to the character (I think), I don't remember which one is which. It might be on the IESDP somewhere.

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I haven't seen it used in BG1 or 2, but in Icewind Dale I saw it used with Arundel. When you highlight him and press tab, the name that pops up is "Old Man" or something, and then in dialogue it's "Arundel". Could be a good way to disguise quest NPCs, because everyone knows you always have to talk to people with names.

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Thank you all for the prompt replies.


So the long name short name is character name, for instance Jimmy might be jimmy, or Jim (short, if it matters) OR I could use it to hide my NPC via long name Bar Drunk, and short name the character name (It IS a good idea.)


The thing that concerns me is the String references - is it okay to leave them blank or what? I am terribly afraid of accidentally overwriting something else in the game.


Like if I needed to make fifty rats or something, just as background folk who say "Go talk to our King" I could leave things pretty much general (Or take an already made in game rat Cre. and tweak it as needed, saving it under a different name (NewRat1 NewRat2 et all.)


For my Main NPC I have gotten the Cre. thing, pretty well, (Thanks to tutos Ghreyfan! ) but I am now populating a new area or two and trying to do background characters in bulk.


Hmm....What about making ONE CRE. that I need (The rats, say) and then using COPY/PASTE, then changing the name and minor details. Would that work?





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