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favorite mods and enhancements


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I'm currently running Tutu with the following setup:




Tutusounds v4

BG1NPC v11

TutuGUI v15

Tutu Tweaks v16

1pp v2 (One Pixel Productions Paper Doll and Item Graphics Fix)


First I want to say I'm blown away by what a truly fantastic job this community has done to revitalize Baldur's Gate with all these custom mods and add-ons. Baldur's Gate is among the handful of the greatest RPGs ever made, and you guys and gals managed to make it even better. Kudos!


With the paperdoll and item graphics fix, restored BG1 casting sounds, and the BG1 stone interface, the game retains its BG1 integrity while giving me all the nifty stuff that BG2 has to offer. Heck, with the Tutufix (Tweaks?) option for hooded avatars even Imoen looks like her old BG1 self. I'm really impressed.


I have plenty of gameplay ahead of me trying out all 26 various NPCs to see what conversations have been written for them via the Banter Pack. But after that I'll be looking to sample some new mods.


What features or mods would you all recommend for someone relatively new to Tutu?

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I reccomend Vedran's Lost Items if you are planning on playing a Monk (or even if you are not).


HardenCoonor's BG1Tutu Add-on is great because it adds the second level of the mage prison back to the game.


Enhanced SoA has alot more racial enemies (that you encounter in BG1) if you are planning on playing a Ranger.


With how few and far between TuTu mods are, I tend to install them all (I have yet to see a 'buggy' one). Sir BillyBob's The Secret of Bone Hill is alot of fun. The only drawback to it is some of the tiems get a little overpowered.

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