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Grey Elf

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First of all, sorry for my bad English :p


During Xan's Romance he was called a Grey Elf ("Would not you prefer the moon to shine upon you at the hour of your death? You are a grey elf, after all")... but aren't Grey Elves grayhawk-only race ? AFAIR in forgotten realms the most 'sophisticated' race of elves are Sun Elves, and Xan isn't one of them for sure :>


In addition, his homeland, Everesca, is a land of Moon Elves (sometimes, not very often, called Silver Elves) whose description seems to suit Xan pretty well.


I don't think it is very important (in fact, Grey Elf sounds better then Moon Elf :>) but I find it strange to meet a member of non-existing race :>


Oh, and BTW - it's GREAT mod. I only hope that other romances are as good as Xan's :)

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In one of Cunningham's FR books it is said that calling a moon/silver elf a "grey" is a serious offence :p So, that is why if you chose this reply Xan will snap back at you.


I actually did that and wasn't altogether impressed with Xan's reply. I mean, I didn't much like it because for those who have not read Cunningham's books, there is no chance to know if they are making an insult or a compliment to Xan. From a player's pov, I'd like to be in the clear when I am deliberately insulting the NPC. :)

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I guess, I can add an emote on that line, since the issue had been raised. How about:


(Grinning unpleasently) Blah-blah-blah....


Will that be enough indication of the insult?


it's Domi and Thanatos' excellent work...


I take all the blame for Xan-PC non-romantic exchanges, Than is innocent in writing any of them :p

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Might be enough, I suppose. The thing is, since Xan is a Greycloak, I actually thought I was making him a compliment with that grey elf comment. Why was it considered such an insult in Cunningham's books, because of the likeness of grey with the dark, dusky skin of Drow?

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Because, I think, they are calling themselves 'silver', so 'grey' I guess is a derogatory to that. Hey, don't look at me, it's FR's logic :p As far as I know all other elves don't mind 'colored' associations along with the 'metallic' and 'planetary' ones. :)


Edit: How about (Insolently) - that should non-ambigously read as an insult...

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Okay, here's what I found for "grey elf":


The term grey elf was originally an insult as it is close to the Elven word for dross, but over time it lost this connotation and became accepted as an alternative name for moon or silver elves.


(good old myth-drannor.net )



But I haven't found the sylvan insult. NiGHTMARE, could you please provide the link\source?

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