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Baldurdash's replacement script removes the block entirely. I replaced the Delay with False as it's the only way I could target that specific block in the script.


As for not spawning, Gath has a number of scripts that create him--BD removes his spawn block from this script, mvally and mvally2. While I don't recall anyone having problems getting him to appear in a BD-game, we should check he's being created by something in a Fixpack build.

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While I don't recall anyone having problems getting him to appear in a BD-game

Presumably because nobody's going to ask for the insta-kill to *come back*. But I think you'll quite readily be able to clear out the thieves' guild basement if that block is disabled.

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OK, I've taken a closer look at this. stdeath appears to be a spurious change. I have not found anyone outside of Shadow Thieves in Aran & Renal's areas that use it.


mvally and mvally2 would spawn Arkanis if the player started the Thieves Guild quest and then sided with Bodhi. The Fixpack False()s the spawn blocks and then extends the script with a block with a Bodhi check. The Arkanis blocks had the added bonus of multiple spawns. mvally2's patch is also failing at the moment since I didn't escape the brackets in the regexp.

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