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Favourite cheese...

Grim Squeaker

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Steak + blue cheese = teh roxX0rz



Brie and Camenbert (sp?) are my favourites in general - Appenzeller is good too, but the smell is too vile for to keep it in the fridge.


The most repulsive cheese the I've ever encountered was this French cheese that had living bugs (fleas?) in it. I just couldn't bring myself to taste it. But the best cheese I've ever tasted was a type of soft, crumbly goat cheese with ash cover - I don't remember what it was called, but it was heavenly.




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I just love the ultimate classic cheese: Cheddar. But I'm also very fond of Brie and Camenbert (although once Camenbert turns into a liquid then it isn't nice...) especially melted over bacon in a toasted sandwich... Red Leicester is also quite nice. Not I'm not a Stilton man though, it's far too smelly...


I'm hungry now!

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If you by any chance haven't read the story about cheese in Three Men in a Boat, you should (just click the link; it's in chapter four. Go ahead, it will make you all wiser and better people).


I like all kinds of cheese myself, but since I live with other people I have to live without the smelly ones, so at the moment brie would be my favourite. At least it doesn't earn me any accusing glares from the other end of the kitchen...

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