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Dynaheir Romance

Guest Luuk

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I can't seem to start the Dynaheir romance. I picked her up in chapter 2 and I'm currently at chapter 5 and when I look at the romance guide, I am fairly certain I've never seen her speak LT1. I also tried to search through the globals with Shadowkeeper to see if the romance is enabled/disabled, but I see no global specifying it is (or is not). Of course I could have mislooked as I don't know the name of the global for sure.


I do have 10 Int and 10 Wis and I'm a LG human paladin with (by now) 20 reputation. I also met these conditions when I rescued her. The only thing I can imagine obstructing the romance is having Minsc in the party. The romance guide doesn't say anything about that however and they aren't really lovers anyway.


Any advice is welcome.






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First of all, Dynaheir Romance takes quite a long time to start - you'll have to wait for an hour and a half for the first love talk. Also, Dynaheir Romance does not start unless you had at least one friend talk (starting with "Dost thou miss Candlekeep, <CHARNAME>?"), which adds another hour.


Other than that, your requirements seem to be in order. Please, take your time, continue playing, and do not hurry. If worse comes to worst, please, post again. Good luck.

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Alright then, maybe she will start soon. I think I already got the friend talk you mentioned in chapter 3. That was quite a while ago already. Is there any way to verify it? I checked with Shadowkeeper and the global DYFRIENDTALK is 6 already.


Also, does it matter where you are for the first lovetalk to commence (i.e. dungeon, outdoor, indoor)?


P.S. Thanks for the really fast answer! :D

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Okay, her romance variables are:

X#DynaheirRomanceActive - should be 1

X#DynaheirRomanceInactive - should be 0

X#DYLoveTalk - her love talk variable


First three talks trigger anyplace.



Also, I am sorry if this question is a bit dumb, but are you sure you have version 11 installed? That is, you ran Setup-BG1NPC.exe in your BG2 directory? Because it may happen that Weidu just updates itself when you run Setup the first time, and asks you to run it again.

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Minsc's presence in the party does not affect the on-set of Dynaheir's romance, he just comments as romance progresses. The timer reacts on the 'play time', ie it does not count in while you pause and stuff. Try to set the Dynaheir's Romance Timer Global (something like "X#DynaLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL" ) to 1 to see if she shoots out the first talk immediately after that.

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I will try setting the variable manually and I'll keep you informed. I'm also sure I installed v11 and I'm sure I installed all 6 romances. I also installed "Female Romance Challenge" (at least I think it's named like that), but I don't really know what it is, you might wish to mention this in the readme. I did not install the "timed romance components", but I did install the accelerated banter pack. Is it possible there is a conflict due to one of these components? If so, is it possible to uninstall them while continuing the game?

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You know, just for the sake of being on the safeside, rerun the timed components setting for one of the timers - because that is the option that compiles most of the romance scripts; I don't think that it can be bypassed but who knows?


Female Challenges set up the Coran vs Ajantis vs Xan romantic conflict.

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That did the trick. I timed all romances at 1 hour and I noticed a couple of new variables are present now, including the ones you two mentioned. I set X#DynaLoveTalkTime to 1 and she started right away. I guess this means that the romances will not be properly installed if you skip the timed romance components. You might wish to mention/change that.


Thanks anyway and I'm very much looking forward to more of your excellent work! :D

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I thought that SUBCOMPONENT did not allow skipping over the option, forcing the player to chose; I guess I was mistaken. At any rate, if you do a blanket install (ie install the mod without querying the options) it will go into 1 hour mode. If you install the mod in the option-by-option mode, you have to select your speed.

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By the way, is that 1 hour the time between each of the lovetalks? In that case I'll lower it somewhat :D


Yes, this timer sets the minimum time that will pass between the talks (it could be longer, if you are waiting on a special condition in addition to that in Dynaheir's Romance). The special conditions are listed in the Romance Guide. In some of the Romances, the timer is not used on the 'at rest talks' - they happen the first time you sleep after the preceeding talk.

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I finished the game just now and I was very pleased with the romance. The banters kept me going and going. I was travelling with Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir and Coran (I need Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir, because otherwise the start of BG2 makes no sense and I can't live with that :D). Even though it seems to be a rather boring party I found the banters very fun and in fact I think the NPC's match very well in this party. I didn't want Imoen, because I think she is too childish, so I returned her to Candlekeep in safety (the guard says she can be taken back after all, and my stubborn protagonist doesn't wish her harm). So with Imoen gone I had Coran as my thief and he mixed in very well. I especially enjoyed the lovetalks and banters where one of the other NPC's mix in (all NPC's in my party did). I also very much enjoyed that the romance gave (for me) sufficient freedom in the way your character would behave and talk.



The end of the game gave me a bit of a surprise however. After killing Sarevok I got a final scene, which I can't recall being there before. Is that scene added by BGTutu or by you guys? It's a bit rushed in my opinion as I couldn't even read certain text fast enough before it skipped to the credits, however the idea is good and it can certainly enhance the transfer from BG1 -> BG2.

[spoiler END]


Also, I haven't been able to read all of the banters yet. When I look at the romance guide I see an oddity. LT28, LT29 and LT30 occur before LT26 and LT27. That shouldn't be I guess? Regardless, I did in fact get LT28 and LT29 (I guess Dynaheir compared my face to Sarevoks, as she started mentioning it right before the final battle :D). Unfortunately I did not get LT27 and LT30. Is there an easy way to read those banters?


Finally, I just wish to applaud to you once more for making such a terrific mod. Onwards to BG2 next!

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Wow, you are fast! And I am glad that you've liked the romance.


The Guide lists the conditions for every talk. The talk numbering is not strictly sequential, because some talks are not set in the main sequence, that occure over the certain interval, but rather they react to a game event. Those we call 'floaters' and they do not have to occur for the 'main' romance to progress onward.


The cutscene you are talking about only happens if you have completed romance with Dynaheir. Ther ewas a number of debates on this issue, but I felt it is important to show Dynaheir die, to quell the speculations that she might just show up in BG2 right as rain. It was also important to me that she'd have a talk where she gives the PC an advance blessing to have other relationship in BG2.


You can read all the talks by opening DYROM folder and browsing D files - they are text documents.


Have fun with BG2 :D

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Guest Eplebit

Had the same problem here. The romance never started, even if I rescued Dynaheir hours ago. So I checked the save game with Shadow Keeper, and none of the variables you mentioned were there. Reinstalled the romance with Dynaheir, but now with 1 hour instaead of 45 minutes, loaded up the save game and saved again, and suddenly they were there. So it seems like something is broken somewhere.

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When I slept for the first time afterwards, she also started talking about that dream about stabbing the guy from the Nashkel mines. The only thing is that I had that dream several nights ago...

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