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Silly Windows problem


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I am running Windows XP.


At some point I accidentally dragged the 'Show Desktop' icon in the Quick Launch section to the main desktop. Now whenever I try to put it back it creates a shortcut to it instead, with the result that I have to keep the 'Show Desktop' main commmand itself on the desktop where it is pretty redundant (deleting it means the shortcut in Quick Launch gives a 'cannot find target' message).


So, does anyone know how I can move the Show Desktop thing itself back into Quick Launch, instead of it just being a shortcut?

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Create a file with following instructions(in Notepad, if you wish):








Save the new file as Show Desktop.scf into Windows\System or Windows\System32 - without .txt, mind. Then drag and drop the icon on the Quick Launch bar.


Should work, if my translating skills are correct.

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I still have the original Show Desktop.scf - the problem was the drag-and-drop made a shortcut instead of the program itself being there (like it used to be).


What I did in the end was just move it into the Windows directory and make the shortcut from there - so still messy, but not messy on the desktop so tolerable. Thanks for the idea, though. :D

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1.) Right-click on the Show Desktop icon on your desktop and choose Cut.

2.) Open up Windows Explorer (if you're not sure how, click Start-->Run and enter "explorer.exe")

3.) Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Erik Manning\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch (replacing my name with yours, obviously)

3.) Choose Edit-->Paste from the Explorer menu

4.) Hope and pray, since I haven't actually tested this but it sure seems like it should work. :D

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Dragging the short-cut from the desktop to the quick-launch bar with the right mouse button give you the option to copy or move it back there, instead of making a shortcut, which is the standard option.


Also, instead of using the shortcut, you could use Windows Button + D, which does the same thing :D.

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