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Shar-Teel Romance

Guest Mettermrck

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Guest Mettermrck

Hey, I wanted to try out the Shar-Teel Romance for my evil character. I zipped over to where she was, met her, and soon after the first lovetalk triggered, which essentially led to us sleeping together. The rest ended, we had a talk and I believe I picked option #3, something non-committal. I got no sense that the romance was over. Anyhow, it says that LT1, the next lovetalk, is triggered by rest also. But I haven't had it happen yet. I've done many rests in a row just to see if it would trigger eventually, both in and out of an inn.


I was wondering what the global value was for this romance so I could check out if it's still active? As with AerieRomanceActive, for example. Thanks for the great mod!

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First of all, Shar has some talks for every male PC, so it's possible you had these, not lovetalks. Could you please check if your PC has the right requirements?




Evil or Chaotic Neutral

Not Halfling

And most importantly, REP<10 - always. If your REP increases over that, your relationship is dead.


Romance match is X#SharMatch - should be 1. If not, your PC is simply not the right kind of guy.


OK, if all is in order, please check this variable:

X#SharInterest - it should be 1. If it is 3, your relationship is dead.


Good luck, and have fun playing!

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Have fun. She is a tough cookie to romance. Try walking a middle ground between outright offending her and being too sweet. Another index to whatch is X#SharKind. Increase in this one helps making the relation more stable and unlocks certain options and stuff :D I think she will also romance TN's.

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Guest Guest

Hey, I haven't gotten a interjection from her since the first. But all my things are in order. Is that just because my strength is 10? If I change that will the other talks go or not?

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