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Need help with cutscenes


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I'm currently designing and scripting a mod for Baldur's Gate II, and I'm running into a snag. I'd like to add a cutscene to the game from the middle of a dialogue, and it keeps locking up. This is the code I'm using:


// from SoS_Arrick.d
 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TrademeetMeeting07
   SAY ~Thank you, my <LADYLORD>!  Please, follow me.~ /* [S_ARRI08] */
   IF ~~ THEN 

// SOSCUT01.baf
   ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"This is the part where I take you to a secret meeting place."))
   ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"And tell you of my problems."))
   ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"But I can't because the designer hasn't made the areas yet."))
   ActionOverride("S_ARRICK",DisplayStringHead(Myself,"So I guess I'm done for now."))


The GUI disappears, and the game just sits there. Even if I comment everything out except for EndCutSceneMode(), it just hangs. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any assistance/mockery. :D

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As an aside, wouldn't just using StartCutSceneMode then using the actions themselves also work (as opposed to a separate .baf)? It's not something I've tried, but I have thought it might be useful for stuff I plan to get round to doing.

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