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Starting a BG2 game with 0 exp at Lv1

Doomer The Shadly One

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I've never tried it myself but I think starting experience is set in an offset in the exe. It's done in Tutu and the Glory of Istar demo. As for removing Bhaalspawn abilities, I'm not sure how they're done. It's possible they are set in Irenicus' dungeon by script but I honestly don't know.

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SoA starting XP: 0x6B7258

ToB starting XP: 0x6B7264


I'd start with 6 XP. It can be easily divided by three and two because of multiclass of two or three classes (3×3 or 2×2×2).


But can someone help me with one problem? When you have more than 0 XP you get one level more hit points. e.g. Fighter (con: 10, XP: 89000, Lvl: 7) has 80 HP. In higher difficulties (when real rolling is applied) you got "one level" as well.

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I think that's an engine quirk that BG2 gives the PC an extra hit dice. I think Tutu work around it with spells and scripting.

Hmm, I created solution for this. I set starting XP to 0 in both SoA and ToB and add them in starting area(s). I worked fine with imported characters from BG1 (which were correct) as well for newly created characters. But this multiclass bug makes me sick. When I try to figure it out with scripts and spells how do I recognize imported character (correct HPs) from newly created one (buggy HPs)?

Maybe if character has some items or has no standard XPs but it is not enough trustworthy to remove one HP level from player.

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Well, I think I solved this (with Vlasák's help). I tested it many times so I figured out that game double first level roll. Solution is pretty easy - you have to divide first roll by two :)

Look at this solution: download; it is fully compatible with my Easy Core Rules (My own version Max HP when Level Up).

I worked with imported characters (both BG2 and BG1 format), multi-classes, SoA or ToB game, different amount of XP. Only problem is with 0 XP settings - but I think it is unimportant because there are more bugs (thieves multi-class for ex.).


Also I looked at 1 XP multiclasses and 1 XP is enough to game work properly.


Edit: Can pls somebody confirm this bug/quirk in SoA only?

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