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Moinesse's Avatars: elven females


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This mod brings many new (and some very appealing) avatars in the world of BG2, and I would like to suggests another one. Or, rather, a small improvement to already existing one.


I am speaking of Elven Female Mage(and sorceress) avatar. I normally play these characters, but while I find the avatar attractive in general, something is missing for me - her breasts.


In 2nd edition, elves are slighter and slimmer, yes, but that does not imply that every single elven female mage(sorceress) must look like the existing avatar does. So, I think that a small improvement is in order - an elven female mage avatar with a larger bust. I'd gladly download that, either for elven female mages and sorcerers only, or for all elven females.

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One thing I would love to have had someone do is gnome and dwarf females paperdolls and avatars that would be different from the males. But I think that Moinesse was the only person who'd done avatars work up to date.

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