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Help for a SeKrit Project


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I'm looking for someone interested in reading lots of banter, editing them and providing feedback on the characters. The project consists of the soundsets, biographies and cross-banter for 6 characters originating from Faerun and adventuring together. The banter show progression and development of the inter-party strifes, relationships, friendships etc.


If, people who are interested in voice acting exist and are interested in big voice jobs, then I require 6 voices:




Booming, deep loud brawling human male (Minscish)

Thoughtful male (Valygarish)

An excitable and willing to please halfling

An arogant elf (Elhan)




Harsh orc

= Safana from BG1

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Compared to my other projects, it's like TOP-SEKRIT 'cause I only mentioned it like ten times :D


No time frame as of now. I think it will either fly or die within six months.


Soundsets be my priority for voicing to start with, but if I against all hopes find commited voices, I would love to have the voice work for all the banter. I have 5 out of 6 soundsets written.

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heh, I found someone who agreed to give a shot to one of the male voices, and since I did the sample lines for him, I figured, I'd re-post the samples here in the vague hope that someone else will happen along and will suddenly get interested in voicing one of the characters:


Here are a few lines to try (please note, those are not edited texts, so they could have grammar problems):


Diriel (a hauty elf, who speaks in academic lecturing tone, his emotions never run high:)


xxxxx01.wav : Morale Failure 1

~When the probability of winning approaches zero, the correct approach is to zero in on preserving one's own life.~


xxxxx07.wav : Battle Cry 5

~Face me and be doomed. Are you sufficiently terrified?~


xxxxx22.wav : Selected Common 7 ~I have finally classified you: Something Vulgaris.~


Jaemal (a sorcerer with Arabic influences, a poetically-brooding fellow)


xxxxx03.wav : Battle Cry 1 ~ Sun and sands!~


xxxxx18.wav : Selected Common 3 ~ You look grim, friend. Have you a stomach ache or are we doomed?~


xxxxx30.wav : Selected Rare 1 ~ I love solitude that one finds in a bustling crowd.~


Laofeng (a crafty halfling that has a few tricks up his sleeve, but is sometimes sheepish. He is not the bravest guy out there.


xxxxx01.wav : Morale Failure 1 ~ It takes two fools for a fight! You qualify, but what am I doin’ here?~


xxxxx17.wav : Selected Common 2 ~A halflin’ is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats ‘em.


xxxxx30.wav : Selected Rare 1 ~ An old druid once shared this sage thought with me: when skunks duel, wind direction is everythin’.~


Nord (a loud, middle-aged paladin with a voice that makes the horses fall to their knees, and a vocabulary that would make them blush while falling)


xxxxx10.wav : Tired 1 ~ Bugger it all! We must stop, before I have to carry you.~


xxxxx13.wav : Bored 2 ~ Did you send anyone to scout ahead, you, brain-dead peasant?~


xxxxx28.wav : Selected Action 6 ~ Don’t panic, I’ll carve you a blighted pass to blighted safety.~

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Oh, that sounds great. I am not sure I am looking for a particular accent, rather for an attitude. The closest I can think of is the Architect in Matrix, but anything slightly amused, cold and arrogant is of interest.

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actually, a couple people volounteered to do the editing and reading. For now, that's enough (I always liked the one writer-one editor-second set of eyes scheme). I was sort of hoping to give you a buzz, when I am ready to start alpha'ing to play through and pick up on missing connections, storylines, possibilities etc. Does that sound good?

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Guys, I have a few people promissing me to do Diriel (the Elf), I was wondering if those who are interested in him, could also try for Jaemal? Just because I need other voices as well, and those two are not drastically different as far as generalities are concerned.


Also, I wonder if one of the guys have an interest tol try a female Orc? Because I am starting to think, that otherwise I will give her a ridiculous high-putch voice (mine) to contrast with her burly appearance. Her lines are:


xxxxx15.wav : Hurt 2 ~A knight’s scars do be a record of glorious deeds.~


xxxxx27.wav : Selected Action 5 ~ Rest your fears – I do be trustworthy.~


xxxxx35.wav : Being hit 2 ~That be all you’ve got, puny one?~

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