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Kivan's Alternative Portrait

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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers or something like that, I think.


Yep, I think that's what Herd said.


Rabain, I think that his left ear still needs to be erased further to hide behind the bow staff. The left one - and I don't know if it shows up on the smaller version of the portrait - looks like you did a vertical cut, so imo there need to be some lighter flesh around the darker portion to make it look more natural :)

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I have played with the new portrait for a bit, and I have noticed that on the small version, the light that shines on the left side of Kivan's head ends up as a white glare on the small portrait. I was wondering if someone culd reduce that effect without loosing the hair structure?


And, purely for continuity purposes, should the war paint from BG1 be back on this version as well?

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Wow, that's sort of a wild look. I'd take away the paint from his chin, so we don't have the "beard" confision, and maybe stop the paint on the forhead from going under the hairline on the right side. There will still be issue of white glare though.

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Are you talking of the white glare from the shirt? I tried changing the shirt to anther colour but the white is so...well...clean that it just didn't look right! I could perhaps match the colour with the strip running across the chest.


Is it war paint or a tattoo? If paint then okay, if tattoo then it probably would go under the hair. Thinking about it, it would probably go into the hair if it was paint too. Being applied by hand rather than in the same fashion as ladies makeup!

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No, there is light on his hair, that looks great on a big portrait, but on his small portrait it turns into a white line around the side of his head. Maybe, I just need to edit the small portrait. Actually, that's what I will do. So don't worry about the glare.


I think in the dicussion some time ago, it was decided in favor of the war paint over tatoos :D If you think that under the hair is valid, fair enough. I will still be in favor of keeping his chin color-free though, because of the beard thing.

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