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Kivan's Alternative Portrait

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I like Herd's because it was made specifically for the mod. You, of course, can use an alternative picture of your choice, but I like only unique stuff included with the install :D








I can understand that and to be honest I like the new one he did with the war paint.

Besides I would of course have to get permission any ways for you to use them and I wasent looking forward to that....I still think that they are neat and could be used for Kivan.....

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Which portrait are you trying to use? I noticed P#KI2M.bmp is off by a few pixels (110x173 - should be 110x170). I'd fix it but the last time I tried to fix a trivial dimension glitch in someone else's mod I got my arse reamed, so I'll leave it to the author and/or artist to sort out. ???

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Well, are you sure you want it in BG1NPC, or do you want it in the Portrait Pack? The Portrait Pack may be more appropriate, though I guess we still have Imoen/Jaheira/Minsc/Viconia/Edwin section in BG1NPC? I have no problems with re-cropping the portrait, putting it in the BG1NPC(Portraits). It is made by Herd. :p

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Do we need Herd's permission?


And yes - we have the Portraits section of the Project, which I keep dreaming of getting set up for Plasmocat to do her magic (and I need to set aside some time spring break to work on).


I probably should ask about Xan, Ajantis, etc. - those that cross over to BG2 now should have the in-house continuity of portrait option.

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As long as you do no alterations, Herd's portrait was reserved for Kivan. If the alterations are to be made, then Herd's cooperation is essential. I'll send him a PM to let him know we are planning to put it into BG1 as well as BG2.

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