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Kivan's Alternative Portrait

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OK, Domi and Kulyok, I would officially like to request you .rar me up and send me the portraits you want included (I bet Miloch would gladly help fix any sizing, etc.) and we will incorporate both into the Portraits sections as options. I will check on the happenings and doings, as I think there is now an Ajantis as well (paging Jastey?)


and we now return you to your regular thread, already in progress...

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Guest Domino

Hi, I used this portrait in the game and then I thought: shouldn't his eyes be black? Because the original has black eyes, and it is mentioned again in a dialog when Charname describes Irenicus.

It's not that I want to nitpick, the portrait is great

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Hey, I was trying to break through some artist block for something unrelated and I ended up making a Kivan portrait on the side. I didn't think he needed another portrait, and I never intended to finish this one, but I got sorta dared to anyway, so here it is. It is totally based off of Herd's face model, because I really, really love Herd's portrait. :-) Enjoy!



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AvengingExile @ DeviantArt asked for permission to alter the portrait I did, to give Kivan black hair and slant his eyes more elvishly. She did a pretty good job, so here it is:





All of this will be included in v2 of my (Enkida's) portrait pack, for the record. This is still one of the best romance mods ever, when you look at all the fanart Kivan *still* generates today. :-)

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