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Help please!

Guest EllzBellz

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Guest EllzBellz

Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me, I recently downloaded the latest version of BG1 NPC, and it had all installed perfectly until it got to installing the Ajantis romance (the one i wanted to play ) and then it said:


ERROR locating resource for 'CHAIN3'

Resource [_URLYLE1.DLG] not found in KEY file:


ERROR: preprocessing APPEND_EARLY [bG1NPC/AJROM/Dialogue/AjantisAddLTs_PR.D]: Failure("resource [_URLYLE1.DLG] not found for 'CHAIN3'")

Stopping installation because of error.


I'm not that great with computers, so I have no idea what I need to do!

I have tutu installed, so I don't know why its not working. If anyone knows what the problem is, could you help me please?

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Hmm, apparently I did not take out Durlyle's interactions from Jastey's romance files.


Please, unrar the attached file and repalce your




in the




subfolder, and try to compile again. Hopefully that will be the only no ToTSC incompat.


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