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Problem with IWD Tweaks

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After I have installed IWD Tweak Pack v.4 I get the error message "An Assertion failed in CGameEffect.ccp at line number 1388" every time I try to load a savegame. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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That's odd; it isn't something I've heard of before. Sounds like a graphics error. Does uninstalling fix the problem? Can you narrow down the components responsible?

After some testing it seems that Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor is responsible . I do not necessarily need that feature anyway.


However I've run into another problem. Ammo stacks are still limited to 40 pieces. I haven't been able to test scrolls, jewels and potions yet.

And where can I find a bag of holding, my inventory is spilling over ?

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If ammo stacks are still limited, it sounds like you did not install that component. Can you post your WeiDU.log file?

I did install that component . I tried reinstalling it just in case and it's working now.


Does the Tweak Pack add a bag of holding to the game?

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