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The Comprehensive Progress Report, ToB

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After much heartbreak, I decided that I cannot do Shilmista. It was too ambitious, and I am not qualified to write, let alone code, it. However, I don't need to ask, because it was asked time and again and recieved the same answer: a decent mod needs ToB. So, I will direct my ToB efforts into making Kivan and Deheriana enjoyable companions, if not the quest-givers. Comments, suggestions, comissariations, condemnations etc are welcome.



Banter, Kivan


• 1 with each Bioware NPC - completed

• Friendship sequence (9) - completed

• Romantic, if Deheriana is dead (7) - completed

• Interjection into game events (as appropriate) - completed

• Conclusion of Tazok's Heart Quest from SoA - completed


Banter, Deheriana


• 1 with each Bioware NPC - completed

• Friendship sequence (5) - completed

• Interjection into game events - completed


Player Initiated Dialogues


• Kivan's Friendship - ?

• Deheriana's Friendship - ?

• Kivan's Flirts - completed


ToB Obligatory


• Kivan Master Wraith in Romance - completed

• Kivan's interjections at the Throne Dialogue w Solar - completed

• Kivan's Epilogues -completed

• Deheriana's Epilogue - completed

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Well, actually had time to do some coding today, not just writting, writting and more writting: added the Epilogues, Master-Wraith and Tazok's Heart Finale.


Next to code are the Friendship Talks with the PC, Lovetalks and Flirts.


In writting, all Kivan initiated flirts are drafted, now I will have to write the PC-initiated ones.

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YES! I am done with the flirts! *does a computer-desk dance and trips over the speakers* Great thanks to everyone who contributed, and especially to the back-stage team for giggles and warm encouragement. :D I can't promise a Valentine's release date, but the 8th of March could be doable, depending on how fast we test :D

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Well, the deed is done. ALl of the content is in, and now I am starting from the top to squish all bugs in SoA and ToB that has not been fixed yet and all the annoying things that were pushed away to the back burner. Thank you to the dedicated team of the testers and everyone else! Yay, it's actually getting close!

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Goodness, you seem to move fast! Anyway, I don't know what you mean by lack of talent ( I think you said earlier about Shilmista) unless you mean quests. But you seem to write quite well and I can't wait to get to know Kivan better. I never did, much, in BG and always wished he was in BGII and you are making that possible. Do you still think March may be doable??? We may disagree on some things but we can definately agree, I think, that a good Kivan mod is really needed and welcomed. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Heya, thank you. I will be trying to manage March release, because I will be gone for almost the whole of April.


It will take some discipline from my part, because the things I need to finish are the things I did not like doing in the first place (TRA's), and there is one mysterious bug that bothers me (the old item duplicating rather than new showing up in the container/CRE's inventory). The good news are that TOB was working without glitches, and the only part that is not yet proof-read at least once, are the ToB interjections.

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