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Modding tools

Guest Void

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Well, here's the list of all modding tools (so you find the one's I'm talking about): http://modlist.pocketplane.net/index.php?ax=list&cat_id=37


I'd recommend downloading Near Infinity (NI) and Infinity Explorer. The former is useful for editing various files whereas the latter is good for browsing through dialogues, as it lays them out in a explorer-esque manner.


You'll need to download a version of WeiDU to install your mod (NB: You don't just double-click the exe in order to 'make a mod', which is a common mistake).


To install with WeiDU you're gonna have to write dialogue files/scripts etc. This can be done with any text editor but I would recommend ConTEXT.


To create items you can use severable programs. For more advanced users DLTCEP is recommended, but as you're new I'd recommend sticking to IEEP or using NI.


Finally, in order to use these tools you're gonna need the WeiDU readme (http://www.weidu.org/WeiDU/README-WeiDU.html) and Tutorials (http://modlist.pocketplane.net/index.php?a...=105&cat_id=105). Don't be daunted by the WeiDU readme, as it is very formal. After browsing through tutorials it'll make a lot more sense.


Hope that helps!

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