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Cleric/Thief change


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Easy :).


COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.itm$~ ~override~
 READ_BYTE  0x1f "useoneb"
 READ_BYTE  0x20 "useonec"
 PATCH_IF ("%useonec%" BAND 0b01000000) = 0x01000000) BEGIN // if usable by thieves
   WRITE_BYTE 0x1f ("%useoneb%" BAND 0b11111101) // make usable by cleric/thieves

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A Cleric/Thief can already backstab. Just use any melee weapon that a single classed thief could use. As has been pointed out before, there is a staff in TOB that has something like a +12 damage modifier. This will give the biggest backstab in the game. That is a minimum of 65 damage at x5 multiplier, ouch.

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Well, the Player's Handbook says "regardless of his other classes, a multi-classed priest must abide by the weapon restrictions of his mythos. Thus, a fighter/cleric can use only bludgeoning weapons (but he uses the warrior combat value). He retains all his normal priest abilities." However, the PHb also allows for changing almost anything about a cleric depending on the mythos he follows; weapon restrictions, spells, powers and ethos.


Since only gnomes can be cleric/thieves, it's also worth noting that four of the eight gnomish speciality priests are allowed to wield any weapon, one can wield any non-bludgeoning weapon, one can wield any metallic weapon, and the other two can both wield daggers and several piercing or slashing weapons.

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Good point, I'd forgotten about half-orcs :). Three of the six orc speciality priests may wield any weapon, one can wield any weapon a thief can use, one can wield any small melee or ranged weapon, and only one is restricted to bludgeoning weapons.

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Opening it up to other races is harcoded, or else I'd have done it (and also opened up bards) already.


I am tempted by the weapon-use thing, actually. I had meant to talk to Cam about the possiblity of differing weapon restrictions for Clerics of various deities in Divine Remix at some point, so we'll see.

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