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Which .CRE files to Edit BG2 NPCs?


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I am using an Near Infinity to edit some of the features of BG2:ToB. One thing I want to change is the classes, spells, abilities of NPCs by changing their .CRE files. I notices that each NPC has multiple .CRE files: for example, Aerie has AERIE.CRE, AERIE6.CRE, AERIE7.CRE, AERIE9.CRE, AERIE10.CRE, AERIE11.CRE and AERIE12.CRE.


Which particular .CRE files for the 17 NPCs (Aerie, Imoen, Keldorn, Mazzy, Minsc, Nalia, Valygar, Anomen, Cernd, Haer'Dalis, Jaheria, Jan, Yoshimo, Edwin, Korgan, Viconia, and Serevok) do I need to edit such that If I remove a NPC and then meet them again, they won't be the default?


Also, I didn't notice kit/clas abilities on the .CRE files. Are these abilities givem immediately when they join your party based on the CLAB file rather than preprogrammed?




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The game spawns the different .CREs depending on your PC's level when they first enter the area the NPC is in. So you'd need to edit all of them...


And yes, the CLABs are applied ingame. Though I don't know if it is on spawning or on joining. Probably spawning.

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