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HEARTWARDER OF SUNE: Sune (pronounced: sue-nee) Firehair is said to be the fairest of all the powers. When she is represented, she is shown as the most beautiful woman in the Realms, with sweeping, radiant, red hair and incredible charms. The Sunite faith is a popular one in large metropolitan areas and among the nobility. Those of a literary or artistic bent, as well as people falling in love or looking for lifemates, often venerate the Lady Firehair.


Sune herself is said to be benevolent and sometimes whimsical, alternating between deep passions and shallow flirtations. She has been romantically linked with many of the Faerûnian powers in the myths of the Realms, though she has never shown any love at all for the gods of fury, Talona, or Tempus, since their functions posit the destruction of many beautiful things, both living and inanimate. Currently, she is rumored to have been rather smitten by the noble actions of Torm at Tantras during the Time of Troubles.


Sune's specialty priests, known as Heartwarders of Sune, are aesthetes and hedonists who actively seek out pleasure and beauty in all things, and who nurture the creation of beautiful objects. They are typically found in large cities in the company of the cultural elite. Most are active patrons of the arts, and all play the role of matchmaker for persons in all levels of society. Many are employed as artists, crafters, performers, or instructors, though a few travel the world to promote beauty and love.


Heartwarders of Sune can only be of Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and Chaotic Neutral alignments.



- Spiritual Weapon: Flail - 'Shock Flail' once per day

The Shock Flail is the spiritual weapon of Heartwarders of Sune, and is wielded as if the caster had grand mastery in the weapon. The Shock Flail is a regular weapon at levels 1-5, +1 at levels 6-10, +2 at 11-15, +3 at 16-20, +4 at 21-25, and +5 at levels 26 and above. The spiritual weapon lasts for one round per level of the caster, up to 20 rounds.

- +1 Charisma

- From level 7 can cast Emotion once per day, as fourth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 9 can cast Flamestrike once per day, as fifth level cleric spell of the same name

- From level 11 can cast Mislead once per day, as sixth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 14 can cast Mantle once per day, as seventh level mage spell of the same name


Sphere Access:

- Major access to the spheres of all, astral, charm, creation, divination, guardian, healing, protection, sun, thought, time

- Minor access to the spheres of combat, elemental, necromantic, summoning

- No access to the spheres of animal, chaos, law, numbers, plant, travelers, war, wards, weather


I admit that I do not know much about PnP Sune. From the description given, wouldn't it be more appropriate for the Heartwarder to receive enchantment spells (Friends, Charm Person, Dire Charm, Domination, etc) as innate abilities?


a Wounded Lion


:) Mmm... Sune... sexy... hehe

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If Nature's Beauty were in the sphere of All, that would mean all priest kits would get it, and it's not exactly in-character for some of them. Priests of Xvim with access to a spell related to beauty? I think not ;).


For a Priests of Sune to be permanently damaged by a weapon, it's almost the equivalent of a sin to the rest of the church, since it marrs the priest's physical beauty. Therefore, a spell which provides complete immunity to all weapons below +3 enchantment is 110% in-character IMHO.


As for Flamestrike... take a look at the name of the goddess: Sune Firehair. I think that should tell you something :).



Of course, if anyone disagrees with any of the sphere selections seen in DR (which are taken from pnp), they are completely free to create their own cleric mod with sphere access based on their own personal tastes.

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