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Writer Wanted (ToB)

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The SoA part progresses so well, that I am starting to think that I would like to finish ToB in the same fell swoop if I have a co-author. What I am looking for is:


1) Ability to write quickly and respect deadlines.

2) Writing to be simple coding-wise.

3) I will retain the editing/yay-nay role.


What materials I am happy to outsource immediately:


1) Kivan's Flirtpack

2) Kivan's Banter (1 to 2 with each NPC)

3) Deheriana's Banter (1 to 2 with each NPC)

4) Deheriana's Talks with Player1 (about 5)

5) Deheriana's Player Initiated Dialogues (about 6-8)

6) Deheriana's interjections (ToB mostly, but a few in SOA won't hurt any)

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