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Some Touch Spell Weirdness


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// * WIZARD_CHILL_TOUCH {2} [spWi117 - 2117]

// * [CHILLT.ITM] Enchantment 0, To Hit +4, STR bonus


// * WIZARD_GHOUL_TOUCH {2} [spWi218 - 2218]

// * [GHOULT.ITM] Enchantment 0, To Hit +3, STR bonus


// * WIZARD_SHOCKING_GRASP {1} [spWi115 - 2115]

// * [sGRASP01-SGRASP20.ITM] Enchantment +6, To Hit +4, No STR bonus


Seems passing strange that Shocking Grasp is considered an enchanted weapon, at +6 no less, while the others are not Enchanted at all.


Also, the first 2 listed included the STR bonus, while Shocking Grasp does not. Not that wizards would generally get any benefit out of extra damage from a STR bonus. But hey, it is an inconsistency.

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Let's add more confusion. :O The three cleric reverse-healing spells--Harm (harm.itm, sppr608.spl), Cause Serious Wounds (serious.itm, sppr414.spl), and Cause Critical Wounds (critical.itm, sppr510.spl)--are all 6 enchantment, no strength bonus, and +2 thac0.


It's possible this is intentional. The cleric reverse-healing series use the phrasing "On a successful touch" whereas Chill Touch and Ghoul Touch use "a successful melee attack." Shocking Grasp uses "touch" as well so I think it would be grouped with the cleric spells.


Thoughts, opinions? Can anyone think of any other touch spells?

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I looked over all these before moving on to BG, and I didn't make any changes. The STR bonus is meaningless (they don't do normal damage). The THAC0 bonus may be something to discuss, but the enchantment shouldn't be something to concern us (they're not melee weapons, and shouldn't really be susceptible to Immunity to Weapons effect).


Make sure to compare like abilities, so it's pretty clear the touch weapons are all legit, but compare chill touch and ghoul touch to the other "create a weapon" spells, like Phantom Blade and Black Blade of Disaster. IIRC, most list the stats in the spell desc, so unless there's something really funky with the *Touch, then I'd just ignore.

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