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Arcane Archer


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Thanks to Icelus for informing me that I could announce mods here!


Courtesy of the Wizard:











a Wounded Lion



------ ARCANE ARCHER ------


This mod is designed for BGII-SOA with TOB and should be compatible with most other WeiDU mods.


Please direct any questions or comments to: aWoundedLion@yahoo.com




The Arcane Archer is a warrior skilled in using magic to supplement his or her combat prowess. Master of the bow and student of magic, the Archer is an arrowsmith of the highest calibur. The Archer's sharp eyes and enhanced vision are not easily decieved by hostile illusions.




+1 DEX


Lv1 May cast Infravision once per day

Lv5 May cast Detect Illusion once per day

Lv9 May cast Oracle once per day

Lv12 May cast True Sight once per day


Lv1 May craft 15 Arrows per day

Lv3 May craft 15 Arrows of Ice per day

Lv4 May craft 15 Arrows of Fire per day

Lv6 May craft 15 Arrows +1 per day

Lv7 May craft 15 Arrows of Acid per day

Lv9 May craft 3 Arrows of Dispelling per day

Lv11 May craft 15 Arrows +2 per day

Lv13 May craft 3 Arrows of Detonation per day

Lv15 May craft 15 Arrows +3 per day

Lv17 May craft 1 Arrow of Slaying (Humanoid) per day




May not wear armor greater than studded leather


May not place more than one proficiency point into any melee weapon


Note: btw, this is a fighter kit

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