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New Gem Bag Bug

Guest Curt97

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I may be wrong, but I assumed the Bottomless Bags of Holding mod affected all containers added by the Bag of Holding mod. I have only acuired a gem bag so far and it is already full with only 20 gems. I re-applied the mod and it didn't make any difference. Any help would be appreciated.





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The Bottomless bag mod only affects bags that you have not acquired before applying the mod (I learned this the hard way myself), so if you already had the bag, it will be its standard size. If you applied the mod before starting any games, then I'd say something has gone wrong... perhaps a bag has been missed somewhere in the coding. Try getting hold of another bag and see if that one is also limited.

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Instead of starting your game over use NI to edit your save (baldur.sav), click on decompress, then simply delete the .sto file so that when you revisit the area the game dont know you already were at that store. The bags you get from that store will now work like they are supposed too (bottomless)



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