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Druid/cleric swap


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For a while now, I've been wanting to play a druid/mage in BG2, but of course the game engine doesn't allow it. I did have an idea to "emulate" a druid using a cleric kit, but even that would have limitations, and would involve lots of playing around with restrictions, etc. Yesterday, I suddenly thought up an easier method: swap the two classes over. Although I haven't tried yet, it should be remarkably easy:


1) Swap druid and cleric data in ALIGNMNT.2DA where appropriate.

2) Swap druid and cleric kit data in KITLIST.2DA's ABILITIES, UNUSABLE and CLASS columns.

3) Swap druid and cleric kit data in KITTABLE.2DA where appropriate.

4) Replace cleric class name and description with those of the druid, and visa versa.

5) Replace cleric innate abilities, spell access, etc with those of the druid, and visa versa.

6) Detect which items are normally restricted from druids, and restrict them from clerics instead. Do the opposite for items which are normally restricted from clerics.

7) Detect which .cre's are normally clerics, and turn them into druids. Detect and turn those .cre's which are normally druids into clerics.


Am I missing anything?



The one possible limitation I can think of in all this is Turn Undead. It's certainly possible to disable the cleric's turn undead button, but I'm not sure it's possible to enable it for druids. Still, that's a relatively trivial thing compared to the possibilities it opens up - dwarven, elven, gnomish, halfling and half-orc druids, druid/mages, druid/thieves, druid/rangers, and so on!

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There's the issue of item restrictions, however.

You can try your luck with the 'Use Scrolls Engine'. Items that should be useable by either D/M or C/M lose the C/M flag, all Cleric kits, when dualed to C/M (including trueclass) AddKit() to a dummy copy that gets the EG Berzerker flag, items that should be useable by D/M but not C/M get the Berzerker flag, and the D/M kit gets another unused flag (EG Cleric of X), items useable by C/M but not D/M get the Cleric of X flag. Easy, ain't it :) ?

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