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Problem with: Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies.

Guest Lieth

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When I stumbled upon this tweak I was very exited since the bizarre weapon proficiencies have always annoyed me. Naturally I installed it, but now when I start a new char I get a bit uneasy:


The Flail class description states that it effects Flails and Morningstars and the Mace class states that it effects Flails. According to the readme, flail proficiency should effect flails only and Mace effect Mace/Morningstar.


All in all I'm a bit confused, is it only the descriptions that are wacked or is the mod I've installed buggy? How much testing has this mod undergone anyway? If it's only cosmetics, will there be a new version that corrects these issues? It makes my head hurt at the moment.

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I have a current install that's doing this too, but I'm relatively certain that the last one didn't, as I was never remotely confused while assigning weapon proficiencies to Anomen. Either that or I wasn't reading carefully when levelling up Anomen.

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