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A question for people familiar with Mac OS X


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What I want to know is, in as close as possible to a freshly-installed OS X system (anything necesary for BG2 to run should exist, X11 probably shouldn't):

  • Does the command lndir exist? If not, do the commands 'for' or 'while' exist?
  • Does the env var $HOME get set to your home directory as in most other unices?
  • Where is the preferred place, relative to ~, to store user-specific configuration options for an app? That is, does a set of config files go in a hidden directory under ~ (eg, ~/.appname/...), or in a subdir of a specific directory (eg, ~/.config , ~/Choices )? Or does this vary depending on the app?
  • Does the command 'sed' exist?

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PM Loriel if you want to go into detail, as he's usually more helpful than I am. Friendly, too.


lndir likely does not exist without X11 (Apple maintains their own distribution, but it is not installed by default). for and while and other built-in commands should work as you'd expect.


All standard sh environment variables should return what you'd expect.


For a GUI application, you'd use the relevant CoreFoundation APIs. For a CLI application or shell script, just dump the config data file or directory in ~/ (as long as it's prefixed with a '.', so that it's invisible in the Finder, the Mac OS X file system browser).


Absolutely, yes.

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