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Divine Remix installer crashes

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In each of the two times I've installed Divine Remix, the installer, somewhere down the line, has crashed. The first time I tried to install everything, and when it was installing the Feralan Kit, the command window hanged and the Windows send error report message popped up. It didn't register anything as having been installed, and when I tried to install everything again, it popped up error messages for all of the cleric kits saying that they have already been installed before installing them, and refused to install the Battleguard of Tempus, Painbearer of Ilmater, and Lorekeeper of Oghma kits. In the game during character creation, those kits appeared and there were random dialog strings in place of kit descriptions. When I uninstalled the mod, all the kit slots remained filled in as "Priest of Lathander" and the kit descriptions were compromised of random dialog strings.


I reinstalled the game and when I installed Divine Remix again, I skipped all the kits. However, when it reached the end of the installation process, instead of having the "Press Enter to Exit" message, the command window hanged and the Windows error message popped up again. I started up the installer again and unlike last time everything was registered as being installed, and I installed the kits without incident. The character creation screen had the correct kit descriptions, aside from Selune being Sel?ne.


The only time the command window has crashed for me while installing mods has been while installing Divine Remix, so I think the problem is exclusive to this mod, at least on my computer. Do you know what happened? In case it matters, for mods specifically mentioned as incompatible with Divine Remix, I installed Refinements before installing Divine Remix to overwrite the Cleric/Druid HLAs.

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The Bigg just coded something that code help fix this problem, I haven't had a chance to test it yet though. I also have just had another idea, which I should have thought of earlier since I am already using the method to get around another problem. I was reminded of it by Wounded Lion's tutorial on "tricking" WeiDU; we could try placing the ADD_KITs inside of INNER_ACTIONs. I have no idea whether it would work but it's worth trying.

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Same story probably--try choosing not to install it, then go back and choose to install any missing components you wanted.


Like we've said it's not something we can fix here, so any reports are going to get the same advice and not make the next version come out any sooner. We're waiting on a new WeiDU. :)

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I was reminded of it by Wounded Lion's tutorial on "tricking" WeiDU; we could try placing the ADD_KITs inside of INNER_ACTIONs. I have no idea whether it would work but it's worth trying.

Unfortunately, I_A just calls the process_action function, it doesn't do anything magic.

Moreover, ADD_KIT just calls the various TP_Append and TP_AppendCol functions/


All in-override files are loaded for reading with this process (and thus correctly closed):

let load_file name =
(* etc. *)
   let fd = Unix.openfile name [Unix.O_RDONLY] 0 in
   my_read size fd buff name;
   Unix.close fd;
(* etc. *)


the same appears to be true for writing to file.


EDIT @ Ido: in the version I sent you, CLEAR_MEMORY is actually do_nothing(), you'd better download it again (same link as before).

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I am fairly convinced that ADD_KIT causing all sorts of problems. I think my "unlinking" bug is related to the setting of the %MY_KIT% variable (I suspect there is no facility for that variable to change if kit installation orders change). Essentially I am hypothesising that, if we attempt to contain ADD_KIT functions inside an INNER_ACTION, WeiDU will not even attempt to correct the variable and so won't fail. The appending of 25stweap.2da is still dodgy by the way, devSin stopped it overwriting columns but the solution was forced.

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