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IESDP Updated


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The IESDP has been updated once more.



kitlist.2da updates.

rndXXX.2da files documented



Avatar naming scheme updates

Added decimal numbers for colour gradients

CLUA -> Ctrl + D numbers seem to be framerate related?

Expanded BG2 kit abilites (Druid)

Fixed images (case-sensitive server)

Multiple saving throws specified, target checks against best save

Noted that object identifiers are generally not saved over game sessions.

Pruned links page



Teleport to Target opcode (BG2)

Clarified Wild Magic opcode #281 description (BG2)


File Formats

ARE Animation Fields

ARE Song entries

ARE Door flags

ARE Info Point dialog is PST only

CRE IWD/IWD2 ITM section 'undroppable' bit is 'magical' bit

CRE IWD updates

CRE Actor enumation fields

EFF Noted Timing? and Variable? fields

EFF General updates

SPL 'Not in combat' bit position updated

STO V9 steal/donate flags updated

ITM general clarifications

VVC sequence flags updates



Calm() does indeed reverse Panic()

ChangeAnimation() (BG2)

ChangeStat() (IWD2)

DialogInterrupt() scripting action clarifications

EnablePortalTravel/ActivatePortalCursor updates (PST)

FakeEffectsExpiryCheck() (BG2)

NoAction() clarifications

Slight clarification of Turn()

StartMusic() action

Cannot ActionOverride on a token set by SetTokenObject()


The IESDP is located at:



The IESDP update board is at:


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